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Begin the Search Before We Are Even Hired

Without using the client’s name, once we are being considered as your search partner, we start to identify potential candidates and sources, so that once selected and formally underway, Ross & Company hits the ground running.

Immediately Contact High Potential Candidates Already Known to the Firm

Given the war for talent in the healthcare executive marketplace, we know how critical it is to accelerate into the search process. We do not hide behind process steps or the perfecting of a position description to buy time before launching our efforts in earnest.  This timely, pro-active outreach is often decisive in holding the attention of the best and brightest executives  within a highly competitive investor/recruiting marketplace

Launch a Custom Research Effort for Each New Search

Our fiduciary mindset informs this activist, original research orientation, which when coupled with our intimate knowledge of specific executives for every function and across every sub-sector of healthcare, is very powerful. As a result, only one-third of our searches are completed with a candidate already known to our firm.  We are constantly refreshing our proprietary database of healthcare leaders, and our clients are direct beneficiaries of our aggressive, research-driven appetite for new talent.

Interact with an Average of 150 Candidates and Sources on Each Search

In executive search, there is no substitute for the tireless drumbeat of outbound executive contacts and one-on-one candidate screening and interviewing. On every search, we build out a deep funnel of candidates, providing multiple slates of prospects as the search unfolds.

Optimize the Dual Activities of Candidate Vetting and Selling

We partner with each of our clients to orchestrate a customized evaluation, candidate selling and referencing program which optimizes all available board, employee and third party (customer, vendor, etc.) resources in targeting and attracting the very best finalist candidates.  Once a finalist is identified, we have an internal policy of immediately launching another burst of new candidate development activity to ensure that we have a deep candidate bench as a backstop in case our finalist falls through.  

Lead the Client and Candidate Compensation Negotiations

We leverage decades of experience and a robust compensation knowledge base in leading delicate, multi-layered and heavily equity-weighted compensation discussions and in concluding terms with the successful candidate.

Drive a Rigorous Referencing Process in Which We Take Nothing for Granted

We often find ourselves referencing even the candidate’s references and always expand a finalist candidate’s references to include a series of “off-list” references and input well beyond the “trophy” references provided by the candidate.

Stay in Touch

A search is just the beginning or the continuation of a relationship. We use our unique position in the search equation to stimulate a positive uptake for client and candidate, and maintain our communications and commitment to an enduring outcome for all.

Executive Search Timetable

Average Time to Completion: 15.1 Weeks.

Weeks 1-2: Initial Meetings

Initial client meetings. Executive profile built.

Weeks 1-3: Research/Sourcing

Research and sourcing contacts. List of qualified candidates.

Weeks 4-7: Candidate Interviews

Present qualified candidates for initial round of interviews.

Weeks 8-11: Follow-Up Interviews

Second and third round of interviews. Finalist candidates are identified.

Weeks 11-13: References/Offer

Selection of succesful candidate(s). Reference checks and negotiation of terms orchestrated by Ross & Company.

Weeks 14-16: Acceptance/Start Date

Candidate engaged and reports for work.

Our Goal is a Long-Term Partnership
as your Trusted Advisor

Our Guarantee

We commit to do the “right thing” regardless of the myriad contingencies that arise in what is a delicate deal making, career planning and company building process, and we never recruit from our Client’s organizations…

Fee Schedule

Our fee is competitive and consistent with industry practice:
A percentage of first year’s total cash compensation and reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses…

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