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Our Guarantee

We commit to “do the right thing,” regardless of the myriad contingencies that may arise in a delicate deal making, career planning and company building process. If the marriage does not “take” because of something our firm should have known, or if the hired candidate does not follow through in a manner consistent with the expectations we have helped to set, we consider the job incomplete and simply resume the search. If, however, the Board, Founder or executive team contributes to the successful candidate losing interest in the role, or new information which should have been made known to the successful candidate motivates departure – that is another story. In either instance, we are willing to step back into the process (often at a reduced rate or on a month-to-month fixed retainer basis) to resolve the situation successfully.

Off-Limits Policy

We will never recruit a Ross & Company candidate as long as that person is employed by your Company. In addition, as long as you are a Client, we will never recruit from your organization. This promise far exceeds the industry standard whereby search firms only refrain from recruiting at client companies for two years following the completion of a search.

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